Wood Murphy Bed Options In San Diego

Wood Murphy Bed Options In San Diego

San Diego is known for beaches, parks and having great weather. Tourists flock to see the San Diego Zoo and there are also many art galleries, museums, and a harbor that hosts a large naval fleet and includes an aircraft carrier that is now a museum and open to the public. There is no better place for a wood Murphy Bed. San Diego is home to a Wilding Wallbeds showroom where you can find many options for a wood Murphy Bed San Diego.

Wilding Wallbeds In San Diego

We are a premier manufacturer and retailer of wood Murphy Beds in San Diego, the United States and around the world. We have continually raised the standards of wood Murphy Bed retailers since 1997. We have done this by producing a product that is at the pinnacle of elegance and function. Through the years Wilding Wallbeds has introduced several new designs of wood Murphy Bed in San Diego. These include the Wilding Bunk Bed, the Disappearing Desk Bed, a drop down table and the Hidden Storage Bed.

5 Reasons To Choose Wilding Wallbeds

Here are five reasons why you’ll be glad you chose Wilding Wallbeds for your wood Murphy Bed San Diego.

  1. We use furniture grade plywood in the construction of our beds. This plywood is seven layers of solid wood that are layered by cross-graining. This is a technique that greatly reduces bowing and warping in the years of use to come. We carry several elegant and durable materials including Oak, Alder, Maple, Cherry and Mahogany.
  2. Every product sold at Wilding Wallbeds is designed to be movable, whether that is inside the same house or all the way across the country.
  3. Our dual locking legs system for our piston lift models is the safest in the wood Murphy Bed San Diego industry. When the bed is in its upright position, it is not coming down unless you want it to. Not from a child. Not from a pet. Not from an earthquake.
  4. We offer four types of lifting mechanisms to serve our customers needs. You can choose from a Spring Lift, a Piston Lift, a Power Lift, or a Murphy Frame. Each type of lift serves a different need. For example, a tight area or bed that needs to be moved to another room. You can trust the highly trained staff at Wilding Wallbeds to help you select the perfect product for your needs.
  5. The warranty alone is reason enough for you to pick Wilding Wallbeds. Our mechanisms are warrantied for as long as you own the bed. You also have 30 days to receive a money back guarantee if you change your mind.

Wood Murphy Bed San Diego Options

There are several different types of beds to choose from in our San Diego showroom. Here is a quick look at a few of them.

  • Studio Series: Beds in the Studio Series utilize the spring life mechanism. Only the beds in this series are available in king size units and they are built with a metal mattress surround. One cool feature is that the lifting capacity is adjustable. All you have to do is add or remove some springs. Beds in this series are hand built for each customer and are available in contemporary and traditional styles. The side cabinet options are constructed in the European design with full extension glides and all wood drawer boxes. The mechanism has been tested to 2,000 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • HomeFront Series: This series of beds utilizes our piston lift mechanism and can be set up in about 90 minutes. You’ll save some time because the side cabinets are all fully assembled. These beds are constructed with a wood mattress surround and features our patented locking leg design. We use furniture grade plywoods and hardwoods and our skilled craftsmen can create something for you is contemporary or traditional. The side cabinet options are constructed in the traditional design with face frame, full extension glides and all wood drawer boxes. The piston lift mechanism is tested up to 4,000 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Specialty Wallbeds: We also have several specialty beds that we’re sure you’ll love. Check out the Hidden Storage Bed, the Disappearing Desk Bed, the Studio Desk, the Bookcase Wallbed, the Bunk Bed Wallbed and the Power Wallbed. You can also pick up a Do It Yourself Murphy Bed Kit in your choice of several different wood types. Every piece in the kit comes sized and milled for all the fittings and mechanism. You get to apply the wood edge tape, sand, finish, assemble and set it up. When you’re done you’ll have a fully functional wood Murphy Bed San Diego with your own personal touches. Additional Trim Kits are also available if you want to add some design and beauty to the side boards, bed face or any other part of the bed.

In addition to Wilding Wallbeds’ showrooms in California, there is also a  Murphy Bed showroom in St. George, UT.


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