Switching to a floor heating system is not only cost effective but is also an efficient way to heat the house as it uniformly warms up the house. Floor heating Vancouver is also low on maintenance. One of the best things about installing a heating system is that you no longer have to worry about servicing or periodic check-ups.

However, there are various questions which arise when shifting to a floor heating system. One of the most common questions is whether the heating system be used all day for it to be effective and efficient? If we do use it all day, isn’t it heavier on the pocket as compared to traditional ways of heating. The idea of installing a floor heating system is to ensure that your living space is comfortable.

When and how to use the heating system?

Using the floor heating system depends on the season and on your needs. However, during winters we all love to be cosy and warm. It is only ideal to leave the floor heating system on through the day. Especially when entering the house from the cold outside, a floor which generates heat is nothing less than comforting.

However, it is crucial for one to understand that each floor heating system has its own response time.  The radiant heating pipes are laid in a screed and take time to heat up. Once the pipes are heated, the heat then moves up to the floor. So the time it takes for the floor to heat up can range from a few hours to almost instantly. If you are leaving the house, you can leave the insulator switched on at low heat.

What are smart thermostats?

With the changing technology, even the thermostats have upgraded and one can easily access them through mobile applications. These “Smart Thermostats” give you complete control over the heating system and ensure that no wastage of energy takes place. One could choose to switch between the resting temperature and usage temperature, in order to save heat. Zoning allows one to schedule the temperature according to need and time. One can also schedule the house to barely be warm, when empty and can be scheduled to warm up before everyone returns.

What is insulation?

Insulation is crucial for every heating system, especially a floor heating system. Bad insulation can drastically reduce the efficiency of the floor heating system. Good quality insulation makes sure that the heat which has been generated moves upwards and not downwards towards the concrete. If there is any leak in the roof of the insulation it can reduce the efficiency of your heating system.

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