Why Is Hard Wood Popular Among Builders and Crafters?

Why Is Hard Wood Popular Among Builders and Crafters?

Anybody who works with wood will tell you that hardwoods are a smart choice for building household furniture.  Obviously, Woodspec Hardwood cut-stock is strong, but they also provide quite an excellent natural, authentic appeal.


One of the most common types of hard wood used in building projects, today, is oak.  Perhaps as strong as it is beautiful, oak is commonly used to build household items like kitchen cabinets, furniture, trims, patios, decks, and even doors!  With a wavy-grainy appearance that you can find in a variety of natural colors, this can be a great hardwood for many home applications:

  • Red oak—color range from light brown to a pink tint; swirling pattern
  • White oak—yellow rays with yellow flecks; tiger-stripe pattern

Be sure that you do not stain oak, however, because it can naturally darken over time, and staining will result in a two-toned type of appearance.


Creamy in both hue and texture, maple appears soft (similar to pine) it is remarkably furtive; actually among the hardest woods you can find.  This strength has made maple one of the most popular hardwoods of choice for furniture builders—from bedroom dressers to kitchen cabinets—on today’s market.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to maple is that while it is strong it is also affordable. Typically the hard woods cost a pretty penny but maple tends to have a better price point.  In addition to this, though, maple handles dark stains very well, which means it can be excellent for outdoors as well as indoors and is easy to color. If you are going to use it in exterior furniture or trims, be sure to seal it properly and completely or the stain will come out looking a little blotchy.


Cherry wood has a fine, straight grain with a reddish-brown color (which is, of course, characteristic of cherry).  While other hardwoods are popular for major home installments, cherry is one of the most popular woods among builders of carved chairs and Shaker-style tables.  It is important to note, though, that cherry wood can be a little more expensive and will darken over time if you do not carefully preserve it.


A unique character, walnut has a deep, rich, chocolate brown color with light to dark ranges.  This natural tone is gorgeous and, thus, does not require staining. And this natural tone almost makes walnut quite popular among furniture builders.

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