What is the best Bar Top Finish?

What is the best Bar Top Finish?

Everyone has a favourite bar top material but the best one needs to be able to withstand a great deal of hard wear and tear. A bar top is vulnerable to every day scratches or worse from glasses, bottles, bunches of keys and smartphones. However, there are many luxurious materials to choose from to ensure a new bar top has the most durable qualities as well as making a stylish statement.


A bar top made of glass is resilient to stains from red wine and beer and is easy to maintain with ordinary soap and water before being buffed for a streak-free shine. Toughened safety glass is used to provide shatter-proof daily use. A bar top design using glass can be one of the most unique with panels of stained glass and internal illumination providing a truly creative appearance. It also has ecological benefits with recycled glass becoming more widely used. It can also have many stylish finishes including crushed or frosted glass.


Bar tops of wood are incredibly versatile. Any shape or design can be implemented to instantly create a traditional, cosy image or a trendy, sophisticated atmosphere. Oak, dark walnut or light cherry provide colours and textures to complement any bar design. Wood can have a subtle, waxed sheen or a glossy, mirrored surface. It can collect minute scratches over time but the natural grain helps to disguise any damage. Spilled drinks should always be mopped up immediately but with the high selection of waxes and coatings available a bar top of wood should retain its good looks for years.


Every stone bar top is unique due to its natural grain and texture. Colours can vary widely depending on where the stone has been cut from. Shades of white, beige and pale grey through to much darker blue, pink and black are available to add a touch of individual style to any bar. A traditional choice is granite or marble. Both are durable and are usually highly polished with a good resistance to spilled drinks. A more unusual option is hard-wearing silestone which has a unique lustre due to its high quartz content.


For a futuristic image stainless steel lends a sophisticated touch that is also long-lasting and easy to maintain. A less expensive alternative is aluminium which can have the familiar, silvery gloss or the subtle, sheen of anodised metal in a variety of stylish colours that won’t ever fade. Zinc is another option that combines the strength and hygienic qualities of stainless steel with a subtle metallic hue. Brass and copper are guaranteed to create eye-catching bar tops with shades of deep chestnut. Both metals acquire a natural patina or intensity of colour over the years. When you need to install a bar top, seek the advice of the design team at Dawnvale who are the best at creating innovative bars.

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