What Determines New Floor Scrubber Prices?

What Determines New Floor Scrubber Prices?

Purchasing floor scrubber equipment can be costly, and it can be difficult to determine where to start and have an idea of what you are going to pay. In order to make the best decision to find equipment that is going to suit your needs, it may help to have an idea about what determines new floor scrubber prices.

How the machine is powered is going to affect the price point. Whether it’s powered by battery, electric, or gas, these are all going to have different price points. Batteries are going to be one of the more expensive parts of the machine to replace, but if you take care of them and charge them correctly they should last for years.

Wheel-driven machines are typically going to be more expensive, but they have more power and don’t require any physical effort in order to operate. Brush-driven machines use the friction that occurs with the brush and the ground, so they require some more physical effort but are generally cheaper.

There is a price difference between a riding and a walk-behind machine. Riders are either powered by engine power or by batteries, and the batteries can be more expensive. When you are choosing a machine with a lot of moving parts, there is more that can go wrong. Therefore, maintenance and replacement is going to have to factor into the cost of ownership. Not only are riders more money, but you will find the cost of ownership is greater as well. For riders, there is also the high dump option, which can give you the ability hydraulically to lift and dump heavy debris. Since this is a sought after feature, it makes the machine cost more.

The type of brush that you choose will also affect the price. Cylindrical brushes that can both sweep and scrub will be priced higher than a typical disk machine. More affordable disk scrubs won’t have as many moving gears and are typically just used for scrubbing.

The location where your floor scrubber is made will also affect the price. Floor scrubbers that are made in America typically are more expensive.

Technology on the machine is going to drive up the price point, but it can actually save you money in the long run if you use it correctly. Many machines can be diagnosed with software, which helps make the machine smarter. If you use this to your advantage, you can save on repairs and maintenance.

As you can see, new floor scrubber prices can vary depending on just a few factors. Financing or renting can also be an alternative if you can’t afford the floor scrubber that has the bells and whistles to suit your needs.

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