Various Tips to Use Different Types of Handsaw

Various Tips to Use Different Types of Handsaw

Handsaws are very useful and handy when it comes to using a saw. You will find a variety of handsaws available in the market or online. However, if you aren’t aware of the various types and usage, then this article will help you with that. Here, we will give a rundown at the various types of handsaws and how to use a saw like a carpenter.

  • Before you start cutting, it is essential to know what type of saw you will be required for the job. There are basically two varieties of handsaws available out there, one is the crosscut saw, and the other one is the rip saw.
  • The choice depends on your plan of cutting with or against the wood. Below, we will have some detailed look at the differences between these two saws.
  • If you plan to cut against the wood grain, then a crosscut saw will work better. The teeth of the crosscut saw are much smaller than that of a rip saw and are angled back to give a bevelled edge. The design of the crosscut saw allows it to cut on both the pull and push stroke.
  • If you are making a cut that is parallel to the direction of the wood, then prefer using a rip saw. As the teeth of the ripsaw don’t angle back unlike crosscut saw, therefore it will ensure a clean cut. The ripsaw only allows cuts on the push stroke and the teeth of the ripsaw are bend left and right giving it an alternate pattern.
  • There are some more handsaws apart of crosscut saw, and rip saw which you will need for more specialized cutting. These are keyhole saw, coping saw, backsaw, folding hand saw, and others.

All these tips will help you in learning more about the facts associated with a handsaw. find out more about folding hand saw reviews and pick the best one available in the market for convenience.

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