Three Simple Steps for Creating a Beautiful and Functional Nursery

Three Simple Steps for Creating a Beautiful and Functional Nursery

The baby is on its way, and you are ready to turn that spare bedroom into a nursery. It is fun and easy to look at pictures online or in decorator magazines and point to a baby’s room and say ”that’s it.” In reality, many of these nurseries are not practical. Use the following information as guide to creating a nursery that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Soft Surfaces

Choosing soft surfaces over other options will serve two purposes. The more soft surfaces you have in a room, the quieter it will be. Fabrics naturally muffle sound. Instead of a hardwood floor or tile, consider the carpet installation lewisville flooring companies offer. A softer floor will also provide safety once the child begins crawling. Choose an upholstered recliner over a wooden rocking chair. Once again, it muffles sound and is safer once the baby is moving about.


Once your baby arrives, you will wonder how one tiny little person can own so many things. Don’t skimp on storage. Search your local home improvement centers for closet organizational pieces, and always choose the tall wardrobe over the small chest of drawers. Just be sure to secure it safely to the wall.

Keep it Cozy

Your hardest battle with a newborn is trying to get them to go to sleep. There are certain elements you can incorporate into their room to make this job easier. Switch out the traditional light switch for a dimmer switch that you can use to slowly turn the lights down as they drift off to sleep. Use room darkening drapes to further help them get to sleep quicker.

By choosing plenty of soft surfaces your baby will have a naturally quieter and safer area. The additional storage will come in extremely handy, and adding creature comforts to help with putting a baby down will be well appreciated as you begin your journey down the road of parenthood.

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