Three Disadvantages of Wood Siding

Three Disadvantages of Wood Siding

Wood siding can be a lovely attribute for several homes and characteristics. It might deliver an unparalleled amount of charm of the entrance although adding investment-worthy value for the overall property. However, wood siding is not always the best choice for everyone. There are lots of known downfalls that home and property proprietors have observed concerns about over time. These disadvantages affect maintenance, budget, appeal, plus much more.

If you are considering siding substitute, and would like to know whether wood is a superb fit to suit your needs, continue studying to know the most effective 3 disadvantages first. Next, consult with a nearby and reliable siding contractor for professional solutions to all or any assembling your shed and consumer questions.


Most likely the most typical complaints about wood siding is the quantity of maintenance it requires. Siding like vinyl and fiber cement are low maintenance, and may last for a long time. However, wood is porous, that makes it weaker for the outdoors elements, especially moisture. Mold, mildew, wood rot, plus much more are normal issues associated with moisture problems. This means it ought to be stained and colored whatsoever occasions, routinely re-sealed and weather-proofed, and cleaned around the more frequent basis. Along with this being amount of maintenance hard to maintain, it might be pricey and time-consuming too. This can be something to think about, particularly if you are incompetent at give you the maintenance yourself, nor use a professional company to provide it to suit your needs.


Another prevalent problem with wood siding is warping and swelling, that is because moisture absorption. Once the panels dry out again, they do not return to their original shape. This may lead to gaps, cracks, energy loss, unwanted pests infestations, plus much more. Besides this customize the overall look from the property, do-it-yourself inside the finish since defective panels and boards must be replaced to be sure the structural integrity of the house or building. In serious cases, this may also increase home energy bills.


Durability and sturdiness are normal concerns in relation to wooden siding. Because wood can be a natural element that’s porous and vulnerable to moisture absorption, it is almost always susceptible to wood rot and dampening. Overtime, this might cause wood to melt and deteriorate, which ends in a number of structural and aesthetic problems. Plus the conclusion, a number of these problems require money, time, and construction to resolve. This is especially true for wood rot leading to mold spores outbreaks.

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