The Ultimate New Build Home in Conwy

The Ultimate New Build Home in Conwy

It’s never been better to live in beautiful North Wales. Relatively new to the scene North Wales based housing developer, Brenig Homes, have something which is helping make the region known for the quality of its houses- fresh off the heels of a successful first development.

Credited with the design and construction of the beautiful Gwynt y Mor Apartments in the seaside town of Rhos on Sea, have previewed the coming of a brand new development in North Wales. This new development is an exclusive New Build Home in Conwy– based in an exclusive area with both sea views, as well as views over the gorgeous hills, valleys, and mountains of Snowdonia.

This development is prettily named as “Rocklands” and is set to be built in an elevated position close to the village of Esgyryn Bryn Pedew- overlooking the town of Conwy, the Conwy Estuary, and of course the mountains and hills of Snowdonia as well.

Rocklands looks positioned within the perfect location – offering tranquillity, peace and privacy- and we can’t help but be excited for what this gorgeous property will bring to this already highly sought after North Wales area.

But what about build quality? It’s one thing putting a property in an excellent area, but the build quality of the property must match up in order to be classed as an excellent investment. Brenig Homes were quite notable for the quality of their Gwynt y Mor development in Rhos on Sea, and Rocklands seems no different in terms of quality. This development looks truly amazing.

High end through and through, Rocklands is not one of many, or even one of a limited set. This beautiful property in Esgyryn Bryn Pedew is set to be one of a kind, set with magnificent views of the Conwy Valley as well as the build quality you can only really get nowadays with smaller developers.

Once again, this gorgeous development is not part of an estate or even a small group of houses – it is one of a kind and designed with the most high end quality in mind.

You wouldn’t see anything like this from any of the larger developers in the area. Rocklands is very much a unique property and stands to be truly exceptional- both inside and outside.

Brenig Homes’ reputation stands pretty high already, but Rocklands seems it will push it even further. Still a somewhat new outfit, Brenig Homes have made it their mission to build excellent homes in excellent plots in the North Wales area, and Rocklands truly looks to be their absolute opus- a flagship development indeed.

Nothing about this area or the design could be considered just ‘okay’ or ‘average’ – the views from Rocklands are absolutely fantastic. Can you imagine waking up to the views of the gorgeous Conwy Estuary, and the rolling green hills with the mountain ranges of Snowdonia in the distance?

We’ve noticed in a lot of luxury housing developments in North Wales and beyond, there always seems to be one or two little snags. Exclusive developments, for the sake of privacy, sometimes tend to be a little difficult to place in reality. While everyone likes the idea of privacy, there’s also getting to and from work, as well as running out on errands.

Interestingly, the very nature of North Wales makes privacy, and accessibility, easy. Rocklands is no exception. No matter how remote it looks, Rocklands at Esgyryn Bryn Pedew is conveniently close to the A55, allowing you easy access to the commute, as well as the wider North Wales area.

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