The Lowdown On Plantation Shutters

The Lowdown On Plantation Shutters

Traditionally, plantation shutters are made from wide wooden slats mounted inside solid frames. These interior blinds are designed to facilitate air flow through structures in warm climates, whilst simultaneously producing shade to prevent indoor areas from becoming too humid. Sometimes, these shutters are called jalousies or louvres, and they are available in various shapes to fit into different sized doors and windows.

Plantation shutters were invented in the south of America, where they were used on big estates or farms that produced tobacco, coffee, sugar or cotton, which were often referred to as plantations. These parts of America had subtropical climates, with mild winters and summer months that were uncomfortably humid and warm. Consequently, conventional window furnishings like curtains were too stifling and heavy.

This resulted in wooden shutters, which were eventually called plantation shutters, being developed. These shutters were painted white, because this is a heat reflective color that keeps properties cooler. Nowadays, however, thanks to modern air conditioning systems, these shutters are available to buy in different colors.

Normal shutters tend to fill a whole window, and have rods in the center of them that are used for opening and closing the blinds. Typically, hinges are fitted onto plantation shutters, which allow them to be pulled open completely for extra ventilation. Some of these shutters are sold in hinged panel sets. These can be folded across windows, enabling users to fold back all or part of the shutters, based on their requirements.

Typically, plantation shutters are regarded as the toughest window treatments, due to the fact that they can resist extreme weather, providing they are regularly maintained. The durable nature of plantation shutters does mean that they usually cost more than other types of window treatment. Nonetheless, the majority of homeowners regard this as a price worth paying.

While plantation shutters are traditionally made from wood, there are also shutters being sold that are made from different composites and plastic. This can appeal to people who worry about the environmental impact of buying wooden products. For these people, recycled composite material is a more ethical choice, and this can be painted or dyed, based on the product. Moreover, composites can be cleaned more easily than conventional wood shutters. Better still, they can be tougher and less vulnerable to cracking or fading, after exposure to sunlight.

It is vital to buy window treatments that have good thermal resistance, because window efficiency accounts for as much as a quarter of your electricity bill. Plantation shutters effectively counteract heat transfer over the summer, and stop heat from escaping over the winter. By using these window treatments, you will help your cooling and heating system to operate smoothly. This will keep your your house comfortable throughout the year, whatever the weather.

In contrast to window treatments like shades and blinds, plantation shutters are a fairly permanent feature of properties. They are not as easy to replace as other types of window covering. For this reason, always ensure that you are totally happy with the shutters you choose, before parting with any money.

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