London’s Hotspots for Long Term Renting

London’s Hotspots for Long Term Renting

Thinking of investing in the property market of London? Go for the long-term investment opportunities that have good financial security in the future. In the quest for the London apartments for long-term rent, we show you areas with high rental yields where the property is affordable and buyers are willing to settle.


An improvement in transport and retail industry in the last two to three years have made many Londoners feel confident about Croydon. The upcoming Westfield and Boxpark Croydon have increased prospects of the area with more buyers and renters expected in the future. Commuters working in the city and central London benefit from the good transport links and during the weekends they can enjoy a wide range of amenities available in the area.


Imagine having an apartment near Heathrow Airport; this would be an instant attraction for renters and buyers. In addition, the presence of IT companies in this region has opened up employment opportunities for people. Many consider Slough as an ideal place to live and stay for the long term.

Factors that make Slough worth considering for long-term property investment:

  • Ample amenities and proximity to the airport

  • This place is desirable for families and young people

  • The Elizabeth line is anticipated to arrive in 2019

  • Windsor Link Railway will link the area to Heathrow in 6 minutes once it is completed

  • Good security in the residential areas

Slough is an ideal place to buy London apartments for rent long term  because of the projects year marked in the region. This is a prime area for development and if some of these projects are to be completed investors will reap big. This place may be considered quite far from London, but it won’t take long before renters and buyers start to scramble for a piece of this Haven. It is only a matter of time before workers in Canary Wharf and the city consider Slough a viable renting option. Now is the perfect time to invest in this area before the transport links start to improve and property prices start to skyrocket.


The long-term rental properties in London Borough of Barking and Dagenham are worth checking out for landlords looking for affordable houses. In this region, the average yield is high, and landlords can deposit a considerable amount equal to a considerable value of the property. Areas close to Barking near the Thames is attractive to many buyers and renters while Barking Riverside comprises of the largest development project in the UK with excellent features such as:

  • Housing stock suitable for everyone from the young professionals to the older generation

  • A new train station that will open in 2021

  • Good schools for kids and teens

  • Quality and affordable neighbourhoods

You can find great London apartments for rent long term  at Barking in London. You need to simplify the property search process, and look at the range of houses based on the area in which buyers and renters consider settling.

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