Important Tips On Roof Installation

Important Tips On Roof Installation

So you’re looking for information on roof installation! Perhaps, your existing roof has become old and outdated. Maybe, you plan to upgrade to a better roofing option. No matter your intentions, installing a roof isn’t so easy. You ought to be proficient with the job. While most roofing installation chores warrant expert help, you may install a small roof on your own. If you need help and information on this matter, read below and find out.


When it comes to roof installation, planning is the key. A lot of things go into planning. For instance, you’ve to take the measurements of the roof. Proper measurements will let you buy the materials in the right quantity. As well as avoiding material wastage, you’ll save money on excess materials.

Buy slightly more sheets than necessary. About 3 to 6 inches of overlapping on each panel warrants slightly more sheets. Be mindful of this point when shopping. Take the correct dimensions of the roof. In case you’ve shingles on roofing, remove them before you take up the installation procedure. Use a roofing shovel or pitchfork to remove the shingles. Lay the roofing felt or paper tar as the base for the new roofing.


Edging is usually placed along the perimeter of the roofing. It’s advised to install edging first. In addition to avoiding hassles, edging streamlines the installation process. Secure the edging properly in place using hammers and roofing nails.


Overlapping is an important technique that you should follow properly for effective roof installation. A single mistake can cost you dearly due to poor overlapping. Placing sheets vertically is probably the best way to install roofing. Start at one end of the roofing and run one sheet at a time. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the overlapping process.

Rather, take your time and ensure that you overlap each sheet efficiently. Each subsequent sheet must overlap the previous one. Carry out this task until you get to the bottom of the roofing. Now start installing from the top in a vertical manner. While the V-crimp will have a crimp, the R-panel sheeting will probably have a lip at the overlap.

Placement of screws

Proper screw placement ensures successful roof installation. For best results, use ¼ inch wooden screws. Install the screws every 2 feet on the edges and center of the sheets, except the first column of sheets.

The first column of sheets should have the screws placed along the inner edges and center. The outer edges shall be covered by trim. Place screws along the bottom edges at 2 feet intervals, except for the R-panels. To keep animals and birds at bay, install foam closure at the bottom edges of the R-panels.


Place the trim along the edges of both sides of the roofing. Also, cover the roof peak with trim. Notching the trim in the center is highly advised. Finally, secure the trim in place with screws.

Bottom line

Roof installation can be a cumbersome task and warrants professional help from a company like However, you can install a small roof with the help of your friends and family members. Just follow the above guide properly and you could finish the job within a few hours.

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