How to trim trees in your lawn?

How to trim trees in your lawn?

Tree pruning and trimming is an indispensable part of lawn maintenance. These steps are necessary for the proper heath and to avoid blockage of the path in your building. It gives your home an attractive look. Pruning is an important step towards the maintenance of trees. Forest trees are quite maintained with the natural pruning but the trees in your lawn need your attention and care. It should be done in the right way as improper pruning can ruin your trees and make the condition, worse.

Time is the most important factor when it comes to pruning of the trees.  The late winters are the best time for the pruning as during this season, most of the harmful diseases are inactive so any cut or wound would not harm the health. Yellowwood, maple, elm, birch, beech, elm are some trees that are likely to bleed excessively when they are cut. For the correct pruning, it is very important to understand the response of each tree towards each cut. For this you need understand first why pruning is required.

Reasons for pruning trees are –

  • To remove dead branches
  • To remove rubbing or crowded limbs
  • To eliminate any hazards
  • To enhance the growth of the trees.
  • To give attractive look to the lawn

There are some types of pruning that are necessary for the health of your trees –

Cleaning – It involves the elimination of dead, dying, diseased, weak branches of the trees from the top.

Thinning – This includes selective removal of the branches from the top to enhance the movement of air and light perforation. Thinning of the trees helps them to gain their natural weight by removing extra and heavy limbs.

Clearing – It clears the pathway and the lower branches of the trees.

Reduction – It includes decreasing the size, height and width of the trees thus help the trees to retain their natural shape and form.

Thus, if the branches are crossing the other branches of the tree, then it is the right time for trimming them down. But don’t remove more than one fourth of the branches from the top of a tree. If while trimming the trees, the stem is too long then follow the three cut technique. So, if you are doing the entire process by yourself then these tips will certainly help and guide you.

Once a tree gets fully mature then it is very difficult to give them proper shape and structure.  Sometimes weather conditions and viruses also damage the trees. This is why, considering professionals for such jobs is a wise decision. The tree trimming in Austin is quite famous for its beautiful results and reasonable charges. These professionals offer your property with the most attractive and healthy landscape.

Thus, trees in garden and lawns provide attractive greenery to your property and add aesthetic value to it. Therefore, it is very important to maintain them, in order to enhance the beauty of your lawn and property.

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