How Shade Trees Help Reduce Stress

How Shade Trees Help Reduce Stress

Stress levels are on the rise and causing various social and emotional problems in humans. Pollution, traffic, inter-personal issues, peer pressure and financial worries are all adding to stress and resulting in anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal.

An easy solution to combat stress and keep yourself calm, energized and happy lies right in your backyard or garden. 

Medical science and research show that tress, plants and greenery help reduce stress levels. Green is a pleasing color and all the extra oxygen around makes you feel good.

So, make the most of your backyard or garden and plant shade trees that will contribute to good health and lively spirits.


  • Improved air Quality


Trees absorb pollution. They are also capable of trapping pollen, smoke or dust. This, along with their ability to remove carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen, results in improved air quality in the surroundings. You can make the most of this by planting trees around your house and giving your family healthy air to breathe.


  • Horticulture Therapy


Quite a recent field, horticulture therapy refers to the positive effects of gardening on the human mind. It has always been said that viewing green landscapes and shrubbery makes you feel better. But there are even more advantages of indulging in horticulture yourself.

The sense of smell and touch is as important to the body as vision. Home garden designing has emerged as a new trend. With focus on the use of proper colors, this has been termed ‘geo-sense’ gardening in the Netherlands.


  • Health Benefits


Whether you see dense trees, take a walk in the park, go for a jog or smell flowers; nature has a positive impact on your health in multiple ways. Looking at certain colors, smelling certain fragrances, working in the soil and planting saplings or breathing in a lot of oxygen; all of these work on different parts of your body. Being around trees or doing gardening, can calm your breathing, slow down pulse rate, ease blood pressure, loosen up muscles, and get digestive juices flowing. Undertaking delicate and repetitive tasks, tending to trees and plants every day helps you focus better.


  • Impact on Social Behavior


Some research findings have shown that trees and plants actually have a role in reduction of crime. Green cover around living areas is said to reduce fear and aggression amongst people- emotions that could lead to crime. Trees could also increase trust and generosity amongst people.


  • Shade Trees


What to know about shade trees is that apart from having many health benefits, they also increase the value of your house, keep it cool and provide a great relaxing spot.

Bald cypress, cottonwood, hybrid poplar, red maple, black alder and dawn redwood are some trees that you can plant around your house. These can grow fast and give you a lot of shade. Some of them can thrive in different types of climate and soil, making them profound choices to be planted in residential areas. 


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