Have A Small Kitchen? Don’t Miss These Design And Organization Tricks!

Have A Small Kitchen? Don’t Miss These Design And Organization Tricks!

Contemporary homes are getting smaller with time, and today, kitchens are mini-versions of the classic kitchens we all have seen in pictures. Redesigning and organizing a small kitchen can be a challenge, which is why we have come up with a few tips that will make your job easier.

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  1. Get more organizers. Check for living.ca kitchen organizers, and you will find a wide range of shelves and items to choose from, which can be placed on the countertop or fixed on the wall. Organizers are the simplest tools for keeping clutter away from vision.
  2. Keep appliances that you need. From the coffee maker, hand blender to mixer, toaster, microwave and OTG, there are endless kitchen appliances that we have in most homes. The ones you don’t use regularly can go behind the cabinets.
  3. Invest in cabinets. For small kitchens, you have to use the wall space to the best possible extent. In that context, consider getting floor to ceiling cabinets when it’s feasible. While you may not be able to reach the upper cabinets easily, you can use these to keep the unwanted stuff.
  4. Clear the countertop. Clean and clear flat surfaces always add to the aesthetics, and the countertop is the first point to start. Make sure that you use organizers and shelves for the smaller things, like spices and condiments.
  5. Create a color palette. No matter whether you are in mood for bold shades or want to go easy on the colors, select a palette and stick to it. If you use the kitchen like a pro, avoid white shades and stick to steel/metallic looks or black with hints of other colors.
  6. Add more storage on the wall. Besides the cabinets, you can place freestanding shelves straight on the unused walls of the kitchen. That’s the best way to simplify the use of space, especially when don’t have space for a chest of drawers.
  7. Revisit the kitchen to minimize clutter. You don’t need all the utensils in plain sight, and half of the woks and frying pans are not going to be used on a regular basis. Make sure that you only find things that are required.

Finally, keep an eye on how you use the lights, because small kitchens benefit huge from spot lighting and pendant lights. As for organizers, online stores have more products and you can actually get amazing discounts on buying other products related to home improvement.

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