Guide To Pool Renovation

Guide To Pool Renovation

When it is summertime, it presents the best opportunity to start planning to renovate a swimming pool. The first step is to analyze the space available for renovation since it will also help in choosing the type of pool.

Pool renovation should take into account wind, sunshine, distance from trees, roofs and walls that can shade the pool. Prior to pool construction, you should also study the location where drains, pipes and filters will be placed.

For all types of pool construction, the engine room needs to be designed and it requires enough space to fit a standing person. In the planned engine room, do not store chemicals to avoid the risk of accidents.

Renovating a pool is technical work, look for a specialized company that provides a certificate of guarantee for the structure and equipment. In some cases, it will be mandatory to have a permit from the city hall or the residents’ association to build a pool. A great tip on how to build a pool is to use quality equipment and qualified professionals.

Concrete pool

One of the best cost-benefit ratios in this type of work is the choice of the concrete pool. Although it is a more expensive material than the others, its durability is much higher, reaching up to 30 years. In addition to the material being resistant, with concrete it is possible to carry out a project of any size and shape and the finishes are as diverse as possible, such as tile, stones and pellets.

If you have already determined where and how to build or renovate a concrete pool, take the time to develop a landscaping plan around the pool. If you have reasonable space in your backyard, make a deck with shower.

Before hiring any company, research how to build a masonry and concrete pool and what the implications are for your condominium or city hall. How to build a masonry pool values the property, invest in good quality materials.

Since building a pool of masonry and concrete is a technical work, remember that the material must be waterproofed and treated, as some types of imperfections can accumulate fungi and bacteria.

Be careful, as mixing concrete and masonry may cause cracks to occur, so it is important to perform periodic maintenance. And you can also take the time to build a pool to create a play area and build your own precast barbecue!

Fiberglass pool

A fiberglass pool is the best alternative on how to build a cheap pool. They are easier and faster to install because they are already prefabricated and have a higher warranty. The price is more affordable, however, there is not a wide variety of shapes and sizes. On unsteady terrain you have to assemble an entire structure to receive the pool.

Cleaning of fiberglass pools is much simpler and the material does not accumulate dirt or bacteria. With proper maintenance, its duration is up to 10 years. Pool renovation can bring friends and family closer, so build a complete recreation area.

Vinyl pool

The construction of the vinyl pool is the same as that of concrete, however, it is not necessary to perform waterproofing. The variety of shapes, colors and sizes is also quite wide when vinyl is the chosen material. Building a vinyl pool requires special care, look for companies that specialize in this type of flooring.

It is not necessary to use grout, it is very difficult to accumulate mold and dirt. The disadvantage is due to the maintenance, which if not done with the right products ends up deteriorating the vinyl. A vinyl pool requires care not to proliferate bacteria, keep the water well treated.

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