FutureWood Composite Decking – Eco-Friendly Decking Alternative

FutureWood Composite Decking – Eco-Friendly Decking Alternative

Composite decking is becoming a widely popular decking alternative.  It is quickly becoming the largest timber decking option for outdoor spaces in the decking industry.  It is an eco-friendly method of decking as it only uses the recycled material instead of actual forest wood for the manufacturing of the decking products.

All the decking is produced using wood plastic composite that is an engineered building product that is made of combining wood fibers, plastics and bonding agents and colors.  This mix is made to withhold the hard weather conditions. The formation of the mix is heated into a molten substance and then shaped at high pressures and then the finishing is done after the material has cooled.  This composite decking requires a lot less maintenance when compared to the conventional wood decking. Also, this method is more authentic and durable than other plastic alternatives.

In modern times, many households and residential property owners are adopting the composite decking method as it is durable and also aesthetically pleasing. FutureWood composite decking is a company that supplies a large variety of eco-friendly composite decking options. Some of the most popular are composite fencing, composite cladding and decking.  The texture and the look of the composite feel like original timber.

What are the advantages of composite wood decking?

Composite wood decking is the new alternative to the conventional wooden decking.  It has many advantages which is why people are shifting towards it.  Some of them are as follows-

Less maintenance

The plastic composition in the composite decks makes the material more durable and resistant to water, rot, insects, and dirt. The panels of the wood don’t need sealing. They do not get stained and the exposure to sunlight doesn’t result in cracking.

Less water absorption

The panels of composite wood have minimum water absorption. They are non-slip and prevent slips and falls. This especially helps during the rainy season. Composite decking could be installed near swimming pools, ponds, gardens, and wet areas.

Longer lifespan

Composite wood offers increased durability and has a much longer lifespan.

Aesthetically pleasing

Composite decking comes in different patterns, saturated colors, and shapes.  It gives a natural feel to the surroundings.  Color options come in deep, earthy tones to modern hues. It gives a distinctive and exotic look.  It improves the appearance of the home and increases its value. They can be put at railings, stairs, gardens, and gates to create a personalized outdoor space.

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