Four Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting Outdoor Lighting

Four Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever been confused on how to choose the best exterior lighting for your home? You are not alone; many people are in your shoes. Aside from checking out some lighting specialist stores like Le Studio Luminaires éclairage de plafond, here are also some guides to help you get the best exterior lighting that fits your style and supports safety and security. Choosing an exterior lighting for your home requires a little bit of planning and you need to ask yourself the following questions to make the right choice and get the best lighting effect.

#1: What’s the style of my home?

Before choosing an exterior lighting, you need to first consider the overall style of your home. Modern homes are built in tall, stately fashion, unlike traditional homes that are more of petite bungalow.  The color used for the roofing, siding, and stonework of your home is also a determinant factor. Lightings with a bronze, copper or brass finish are best for a house with earth tones, red bricks, and beiges. You can use lightings with a pewter, black, nickel, chrome, white or zinc finish for homes that are having grey or black tones and slates. You also need to consider the exterior elevation of your homes. Use short lightings for shallow exteriors that are characteristic of homes built between 1950 and 2004. Taller lightings look better on newer or older homes.

#2: Which location do I need to add light?

Normally, placing light throughout the entire exterior spaces is very important for anesthetic feel. However, it is important to place the appropriate type of light at a particular location. Front doors are best fitted with a large wall mounted unit. A Ceiling flush mount can give a perfect feel at the front Porch of a one-story building. You can use outdoor pendant for the front porch of a multi-story building. Locations like the garage door and the secondary entrance can be fitted with the 2nd or 3rd largest size wall mounts. Small wall want are the best type of lighting for rear/service door.

#3: How much is too much?

You need to consider the light bulb you are using when choosing your outdoor fixtures. Homes are expected to be cool and the illumination should be soft; therefore, it is best to use lower lumen lamps because they provide a soft glow. The best bulb for a lighting that uses candelabra lamps is a low 7 watt or 15-watt bulb. It is not until you use more light before you get a better light.

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