7 Tips To Achieve A Luxurious Kitchen On A Budget

7 Tips To Achieve A Luxurious Kitchen On A Budget

Having a beautiful kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. We often resort to interior designers for professional home improvement ideas and services just to make our dream kitchen a reality. While it’s true that they can deliver jaw-dropping results, not everyone has enough budget to make their desired luxury kitchen a reality. But, we’ve got some great news! You can always create a designer look you’ve always loved without breaking the bank!

Creative planning, clever combinations, and savvy shopping skills are what you need for a stylish and expensive-looking space. Here are some excellent tips you can get on having a luxurious kitchen on a budget.

Think About the Lighting

Our eyes are drawn towards the light source every single time you first walk into a room. Whether we like it or not, your guests will notice what kind of lighting fixtures you have and whether or not they effectively light up space. Look for stunning pendant lighting fixtures you can place over your kitchen island and task lighting for your sink. These are a popular choice because they serve as a beautiful visual while lighting up the place strategically.

When it comes to light bulbs, choose energy-efficient ones like LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights). These may look like they cost a lot, but they are a good investment.

Open it Up

Open floor plans make as a cost-effective, dramatic and instant facelift for any room. If you have a separate dining and kitchen area, tearing the walls would give you more visual space. If you already have an island, that is more than enough division for a small kitchen and dining area.

You get to enjoy several benefits with an open floor plan. For one, you can now move freely as no doors and walls will hinder your traffic flow and lets you improve sociability and communication. Without partitions, other rooms get better access to natural light. Also, open floor plans are a desired asset in real estate as they can increase your home’s value. With all the benefits that an open floor plan has to offer, they are more than enough reasons to consider this for your kitchen.

Give It a Splash of Color

Modern kitchens may come in different colors nowadays, but one can’t deny that neutral tones are still a favorite. If this is the case, choose a focal point and give it a splash of color. A surprising clash of color against a white backdrop is an easy and favorite way of spicing up your kitchen space. You can try painting your kitchen island, the ceiling or even your pantry door a bold color. A striking backsplash is also an excellent way to spice up your kitchen.

Got no time to paint? You can always get lighting fixtures with a pop of color like a mustard yellow pendant light. Or, why not give your windows the spotlight with a nice window treatment? Bright-colored towels and mats are also an easy and cheap way to add color to your kitchen. As they say, it’s the small details that can make a huge difference.   

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Be Creative when it comes to Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

Kitchen cabinets take up most of your space, so it only fits to give them a makeover whenever you update your kitchen. The sad thing is, not everyone can afford brand new kitchen cabinets. Thankfully, some suppliers now offer beautiful cabinets doors for an affordable price. If you still having shelves in good condition, they can make custom-made doors for you.

If you still can’t afford kitchen cabinet doors but has enough time to spare, you can opt to do DIY projects instead. Painting is an excellent way to give them a brand new look on a budget. Create drama by painting kitchen cabinet with contrasting colors like black and white. You can also opt to remove some cabinet doors and choose for open shelving instead. It creates an illusion of a bigger storage room while giving you the opportunity to create displays for an expensive and custom look.

Go for Modern Granite Tiles

While tiles look great, they are not that durable and long lasting. Modern granite tiles are a more sustainable alternative that looks great on just about any other surface. They are easy to install, the second hardest substance next to diamond and now comes in many affordable variations. Since some can mimic natural stone, each tile is unique giving you a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for your kitchen. You can use them as beautiful flooring, as your kitchen island top or as your kitchen flooring.

Choose Kitchen Furniture for Less

Chic doesn’t always mean pricey. Sure, they look great, but did you know you can find great treasures in antique and charity shops? Old Welsh dressers make as stylish freestanding furniture while bar carts can also add an instant luxurious feel to your kitchen, you can find some budget-friendly Bar cart in Australia online.

Need to replace your kitchen island? How about an old butcher’s block? Choose pieces you can mix and match and repurpose to give your kitchen an updated yet stylish look.

Invest in Affordable Kitchen Appliances, Gadgets, Tools, and Accessories

Of course, no kitchen remodeling is complete without getting rid of old rusty kitchen tools and worn appliances. Since you’re on a budget, only replace pieces that can no longer be remedied and used safely. Invest in smart gadgets that’ll make cooking and preparing meals a breeze that won’t tear up your pockets.

Instant read meat thermometers offer best-class accuracy and quick temperature reading. Rails and S-hooks make as a statement spoon, fork and other kitchen tools that keep your essentials within easy reach. Black marble mortar and pestle makes as a cute addition to your tools set. For a rustic kitchen space, a hanging pot rack serves as an excellent centerpiece to display your beautiful collection of pots and pans.

These are just some ideas to include in your next kitchen project. Wonder what the best thing about these tips is? They let you have that gorgeous kitchen you’ve always wanted – a space your guests will envy and one you can call your own without spending tons of your hard earned cash.   

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