5 Bathroom Plumbing Issues That Call for the Expertise of a Plumber

5 Bathroom Plumbing Issues That Call for the Expertise of a Plumber

Being able to identify plumbing issues is certainly important if you are a homeowner. When you immediately become aware that a plumbing problem is brewing, such as a leaking tap, it can be promptly addressed. And that means you won’t have to endure discomfort and inconvenience, and your regular routine can continue undisturbed.

Of course, this does not mean that you should attempt to tackle the repair of the bathroom plumbing issue at hand by yourself. Most plumbing problems require a solution from an experienced and highly skilled professional.

Below are some of the bathroom plumbing issues that you should always entrust to a licensed plumber in Richmond, Victoria:

  1. Knocking pipes

If you hear a banging noise from your walls while taking a shower, flushing the toilet, or filling the tub, you have a huge plumbing problem.

This noise is commonly caused by water hammer. This particular plumbing problem can be caused by various issues or their combination. These factors include:

  • Loose valves in the pipe system
  • Loose support straps
  • High water pressure

The combination of high water pressure and loose support straps is especially damaging since these can cause pipes to jerk and shift in place.

To avoid more complicated plumbing problems, call a plumber to fix your water hammer issue.

  1. Low water pressure

When you turn on the tap or shower full blast, you should get a steady stream of water. In case the water is barely trickling regardless of the tap or shower knob setting, then there is a problem.

If you have this problem, check if the problem is a blocked faucet or shower head. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and immerse the faucet in the bag for a few hours. Do the same for your shower head when it’s your scheduled time to clean the shower area.

If the problem is a blockage, this simple hack will solve this problem.

However, if this tip doesn’t improve the pressure, you need to call a professional plumber for help. This is because if a blockage is not the issue, the low water pressure may be caused by damaged water heaters or a burst pipe leaking behind the walls.

All these problems require the expertise of a plumber.

  1. Water accumulating around the toilet base

There are three possible causes if the area around your toilet base is always wet. These are:

  • A damaged flush valve
  • A leaking toilet supply line or hose
  • Worn wax ring sealing around the toilet base

Replacing or repairing the first two damaged parts is best left to a plumber if you do not have a plumbing background. This is because you may end up buying incompatible replacement parts and installing them incorrectly. And when you do, you will have to deal with more expensive, time-consuming repairs.

Aside from the puddle of water around the base, a worn wax seal will also cause the toilet to become unsteady or wobbly. If you have this plumbing issue, call a plumber immediately to replace the wax ring. And avoid using the toilet until this problem has been resolved.

  1. Low water level in the toilet bowl

If you notice that the water left in the toilet bowl is a smaller amount than it usually is after flushing, and the level seems to go lower each day, you have a serious plumbing problem that requires a professional.

This is because this issue is typically caused by a partial blockage in the toilet system. This, in turn, causes the water to be syphoned out of the bowl.

Another possible reason is that there is a crack in the interior piping of the bowl. The only solution to this issue is the replacement of the toilet bowl.

To get rid of the blockage completely or to have your toilet bowl replaced properly, get in touch with a plumber immediately.

  1. Oddly coloured water is coming out of the taps


Lastly, if the water coming out of the taps is not clear, your plumbing system needs some serious repairs.

If the after coming out is white or cloudy water, there is air in your pipes. In case there is brown, red or yellow water, it means there is rust in the water. And this is usually caused by a water main break in your area or if your pipes are quite old.

If your taps are releasing green water, this means your copper plumbing has some rust. Blue water, on the other hand, means your copper plumbing has completely corroded.  

To ensure the water running in your bathroom and home is safe, have this issue fixed by a professional immediately.

If you want to have a well-running, healthy bathroom all the time, you won’t go wrong with calling a plumber at the first sign of a plumbing issue.


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