4 best Technogel® mattresses you can shop from mattress stores in Phoenix

4 best Technogel® mattresses you can shop from mattress stores in Phoenix

The quality of our life is greatly affected by the quality of our sleep. So, it would help if you slept well consistently to make the most out of your day. Mattress 360 has a wide selection of Technogel mattresses to give you the great night’s sleep by adjusting as per the unique contours of your body. The Technogel® mattresses offer an unprecedented innovation to pamper you with sublime sleep.  Let’s discover each of Technogel®mattress:

#1. Armonia by Technogel®

Designed using a thick surface layer of Technogel®, Armonia mattress is perfect for those who are suffering from nagging back pain. It provides ultimate relief and support by providing even pressure distribution, which helps avoid joints stress. The Armonia model offers a consistent feel by decreasing the time spent in light sleep up to 33% and increasing deeper sleep as much as to 45%. It’s, therefore, an eye-opening fact.  Just one-night sleep on the Armonia is enough to want to have it for whole life.

#2. Estasi by Technogel®

Assembled in the U.S.A., the Estasi mattress is the first-of-its-kind mattress with 78 pounds of body conforming gel. The unique 3-zone design of this model provides extra cushioning for hips and shoulders. With Estasi mattress, you’ll find a comfortable position to sleep without any struggle or having to wake up hot and sweaty. Revolution in the world of comfort sleeping, the Estasi mattresses by Technogel are also available in your nearest mattress stores Phoenix.

#3. Vive by Technogel®

Now you can make comfort the new luxury with the Vive model by Technogel®.  With 1.25” of body-conforming gel, the Technogel® technology is at the peak of comfort in this collection. The new removable winter cover allows you to enhance the cooling effect each night for elite relaxation and lasting comfort.  The 3D deformation provides sweet conforming relief that eases body pressure without restricting the movement.  After all, you deserve things that enrich your life.

Vive anatomic curve: Designed specifically to promote the proper spinal alignment, the Vive anatomic collection is best for those suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain.

Vive deluxe: Crafted with 5.5” thick gel memory foam, the luxurious pillow is perfect for those with medium to large frames and who prefer sleeping primarily on their sides. The ergonomic support allows you to lie down and all your cares will drift away.

Vive classic:  It’s a versatile option for those who like to flip between the two (side and back) and may also end up on stomach sometimes. The Vive classic 4.5” inch thin pillow lets you indulge in refreshing sleep on a moderate profile.

#4. Favola by Technogel®

Built using the combination of natural Latex and memory foam comfort layers, the Favola mattress cradles you in a luxury zone to provide firm back support. For the discerning couples who have different preferences, combining Favola and Estasi can deliver a softer appeal on one king size bed. Favola will transform your bedroom into the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

If you want to create your ultimate sleep system, please come and try them at mattress stores Phoenix. You’re surely going to discover something extraordinary than the rest.

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